About Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a leading Singaporean proprietary trading firm providing liquidity in global markets.

Deep curiosity and a thirst to innovate are part of our DNA. This has driven us to develop some of the sharpest trading minds; world-class, proprietary tech; and a distinctive culture that encourages everyone to step up, be courageous and challenge the status quo.

Our Management Team

John Lin

Founder and Chairman


James Leong



Sachar De Vries


Alex Wong

Alex Wong



Our History


John Lin opens a window.

When the doors of the SIMEX open outcry trading pits closed, our Founder, John Lin, opens a window. He sees a gap in the fresh frontier of electronic trading and sets off to create Grasshopper.

John hires James Leong as his first trader

Together they conceptualise their first custom algorithmic programme. James would move on to become a key executive for Grasshopper.


Grasshopper makes the commitment to become a full-stack technology company that trades.

The firm embraces a new future that combines trader instinct with micro-structure capability, and is determined to build in-house, leading edge technology.


Grasshopper expands and shifts offices to China Square Central.


T-Kiang Tan joins as CTO

TK, an early pioneer in electronic trading from UBS O’Connor, Lehman and Mizhuho joins Grasshopper as CTO.


Grasshopper hits a million futures a month.

Grasshopper regularly ranks top 10 on the key exchanges it trades in Asia.


The firm expands to 40 employees.


Grasshopper commits to custom re-building its trading and data platform from scratch.

This lays the technology and data management foundation for competing at a whole new level. Grasshopper begins studying Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence.


Formation of Tilde

What started out as a study in disruption led to a profound interest in cryptocurrencies. Tilde, Grasshopper’s digital asset division, offers professional OTC execution and advanced market making services for the crypto ecosystem.


FSA Japan approves Grasshopper as a regulated high speed trading firm

Obtained FSA Japan approval. The firm now has more than 60 employees spanning trading and technology and trades half a trillion in notional value monthly.


James Leong appointed CEO

James Leong, our longest tenured Grasshopper, was appointed CEO of Grasshopper. Prior to becoming CEO, James has held positions as CFO, COO and Head of Trading at the firm. Entered Thai and Malaysian markets.


Grasshopper Asset Management (GAM) opened

Grasshopper Asset Management is a Registered Fund Management Company (RFMC) regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Promoted Gabriel Yap to CEO of GAM and Sachar de Vries to CTO.


Move to new office in Anson House

Ushered in a new era of Grasshopper with new office. Promoted Alex Wong to CIO. Successfully raised funds from external investors for expansion into rest of Asia.

Our Future

For the past decade, Grasshopper has profitably evolved and innovated in a famously cutthroat industry.

We don't deterministically predict the future. Instead, the firm is focused on fostering a culture of curiosity and innovation, which allows us to quickly react to the market, wherever she decides to go.

As Grasshoppers, we're nimble, humble and poised to leap higher than ever before.