Quant Trader

Job Description

Grasshopper Asset Management, a subsidiary of Grasshopper, is inviting applications from seasoned Quant Traders with a specialisation in high-frequency trading (HFT). The role emphasises the development of innovative HFT strategies in market making or market taking, grounded in statistical arbitrage principles.



  • - Design and implement HFT strategies tailored to market making or market taking, underpinned by statistical arbitrage methodologies.
  • - Actively engage in trading activities across equities and futures within the Asian markets.
  • - Design trading strategies with an emphasis on efficient execution, looking for candidates familiar with good design patterns for developing fast trading strategies in software.
  • - Lead rigorous quantitative research and strategy formulation processes including data analysis, hypothesis testing, back-testing, signal implementation and post-trade analysis.
  • - Foster collaborative team dynamics and maintain robust communication channels.

Skills and Knowledge Required

Required Skills and Expertise:

  • - Minimum of three years of experience in HFT, with a demonstrable focus on market making or - market taking strategies.
  • - Advanced proficiency in programming languages such as Python and C++.
  • - Solid foundation in mathematics, physics, or related quantitative fields.


Educational Qualifications:

  • - Bachelor's degree or higher in Mathematics, Physics, Finance, or a related discipline.
  • - Candidates should possess a robust analytical mindset, be adept at navigating fast-paced trading environments, and exhibit a strong inclination towards continuous learning and innovation in the realm of HFT.

The kind of people who thrive in Grasshopper

About Grasshopper

Grasshopper is an Asian proprietary trading firm and liquidity provider competing on the global stage. Our cutting edge in-house technology puts us at the forefront of developments in electronic trading. An unbroken record of consistency and profitability is underpinned by firm values of curiosity, empowerment and flexibility that guide our future success.

At Grasshopper, you will be working in a diverse and dynamic environment with a flat hierarchy. With 65 employees and 15 nationalities working in an open office, communication is essential to performance. To keep our edge as the “small giant” of proprietary trading, we give employees a high level of autonomy and encourage them to get creative, take risks, make mistakes and learn from them.

We Value You

We respect and listen to all our employees. You will get the chance to make an impact by having your voice heard by everyone, including the management.

We are in the business of developing people. We focus on substance and delivery - as long as you perform and communicate, you will be recognized and rewarded. We are dedicated to supporting our staff and ensuring they develop professionally and holistically to maximize their potential.

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